KeyPocket offers a secure and convenient way to log into websites on your laptop or desktop computer with the login details that are stored on your smartphone.








No need to enter login details every time. Just scan the QR code and you will be logged in.


Logging in with KeyPocket takes less than 3 seconds. Almost 2 to 3 times faster than typing your username and password in.


Since you’re not physically typing in your username and password anymore, persons with evil intentions, who are next to you or behind you, have no chance of finding out your login details. The login details are stored securely in your iPhone’s keychain. Access to the login details can me made more secure by setting a PIN or using Touch ID (if available). The login details are sent from your iPhone to your desktop computer or laptop using a very secure encrypted channel.

Privacy Policy

  1. Your login details (i.e. your usernames and passwords) are stored in your iPhone’s keychain. This ensures that no other application has access to your login details.
  2. Your login details are encrypted before they are sent from your iPhone. When you click on the KeyPocket browser plugin icon on your browser, a private and public key pair is generated. The private key is kept by the browser plugin while the public key is sent to your iPhone. This public key is used to encrypt the login details on your iPhone. The encrypted login details are then sent to our server where they are temporarily stored until they are received by the browser plugin. The browser plugin uses the private key to decrypt the encrypted login details and then attempts to log you in.
  3. Your encrypted login details are stored on our server temporarily. Once the encrypted login details have been received by the browser plugin from our server, they are permanently deleted.

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